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Pushkar is a small place, situated 11 km from Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan (India). It is a holy place mostly visited for the sacred Pushkar lake, the Brahma temple and the renowned Camel Safari. Thus, though Pushkar is primarily a pilgrimage spot, it is also visited for the exciting camel safaris in the desert sand dunes.
The Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan can be explored using camels which is the great and exciting experience one should have in a life time. The Aravalli Range are one of the world's oldest, and have sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Camel Safaris are certainly the ideal way to spend time exploring the rustic and royal Rajasthan.Camel Safari is an adventure, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert providing the glimpse of the desert lifestyle through remote villages. The special cultural performances on the sand dunes, the camps set up for the travelers, the traditional Rajasthani meals and the picturesque hamlets with friendly folks, all together make Camel Safaris on of the special adventure tour in India.

‘Sunrise /Sunset’ Camel Safari

It is your choice whether you wish to go on this safari at either morning or evening .

First we pick you up directly from the hotel you are staying at. You are then introduced to your camel and the camel men. Each camel has their own rider who sits behind you. And also for your safety.

We then take you through the desert where you and of course sunrise or sunset. After approximately three hours of seeing the beautiful area, around pushkar you are then dropped back safely to your hotel with lots of photos to show friends and family. (served tea coffee & biscuit also)

Half Day Camel Safari

Starting from the Pushkar, you can enjoy an afternoon camel ride to isolated sand dunes, visiting small villages and Rose Garden on the way. While riding on your camel you can experience the beautiful sunset after which you will arrive at the dunes for chai/tea/coffee .

Full Day Camel Safari -

Your tour departs from Pushkar early in the morning at 6:00 am Sunrise is something not to be missed,

8:00 am to 12:00 noon – The pushkar camel safari begins, visiting various villages in the remote areas and experiencing the desert wild life.

12:00 noon to 3:00 pm - Lunch followed by rest in the shade of trees near the oasis (because the sun is fierce).

3:00 pm to 5:30 pm - Now you can experience the stark beauty of the mysterious desert which beckons you to enjoy a magical sunset evening and an adventure you will never forget.

6:00 pm - Returning to pushkar by camel .

‘Overnight Camel Safari with tent accomodation’

Starting around 3.30 Pm. we take you through villagers where you will see local village life.

Farmers are working their and picking roses from the gardens .women are wearing traditional clothing and children are excited to see you past the village is the desert and by 8pm fully equipped tents with beds and blankets are pitched .

For evening entertainment you are provided with dinner and a wonderful performance by gypsy dancers.When its time to sleep. You can choose to stay inside the tent or sleep under the stars.

2. Waking up to the beautiful sunrise over the dunes breakfast is served and we make our way back to pushkar.

There are facilities available free of charge to leave your luggage before or after the tour if you are arriving or leaving close to the departure/return time. For a small charge there are also shower facilities available.

Rural Village Tours (Five Days Tours )By camel & Camel cart

We Specialise in organising Rural Village Tour.

Experience the real Rural Rajasthani touch with our Rural Village Tour. We offer a Tour which you will remember for lifetime.

You will taken to the Rural parts of villages where you will be able to catch a glimpse of rural lifestyle.


The camel is a lovely and tame animal, however, certain care must be taken and instructions observed to make your ride as comfortable and safe as possible.

When mounting the camel lean back and make sure you are comfortable in your saddle.
Hang your backpack on the saddle knob.
When the camel stands up or sits down, lean back again and hold the reins (mori) tightly.
Always hold the reins when riding, as you will be rocked gently back and forth.
When turning right pull the right rein gently into the right direction, when turning left pull the left one to the left.
For galloping pull both reins together slowly and give the camel a slight kick on both sides with your legs.
To make the camel stop pull both reins backward quickly.
To make the camel sit down pull both reins and mouth the word "Jhu Jhu".
To get it walking again just pull the reins up again.
Should you wish to receive a demonstration of the above before the start of the trip, please just ask our trained drivers. Never provoke a camel or give it any sort of food!


A hat, cap or turban
Sunscreen and sunglasses
Long-sleeve shirt, long trousers, sneakers or other type of solid shoes. Remember, the sun is fierce!
Camera and film
Toilet paper and towel
Diary, pen, a book to read, cards or other games
Medical kit (for just in case)
In the winter season warm clothes for the night
A big smile and positive attitude
Food and mineral/filtered water will be provided at all times. Our camel drivers use only this water when preparing meals. All the food is vegetarian and freshly prepared over the campfire.
You do not need a sleeping bag as you will be given clean bedrolls, which will keep you warm and protect you from the sand.
Remember to keep the desert clean and never leave any rubbish behind.


Please feel free to inquire about cheaper safaris, however, when comparing prices please bear in mind the quality of service we are offering. We can guarantee the freshest food ingredients, clean water and bed rolls and our routes are totally non-touristic; therefore, you are unlikely to meet other tourists.


The Agency will not be responsible and liable for any problems associated with the consumption of alcohol during the trip.
In the event of cancellation 18 hours prior to departure, you will lose 50% of the total fee, should you cancel less than 18 hours prior to the trip 75% will be deducted.
In the event of postponement due to sickness or any other reason, any unscheduled pick-up trips of our Jeep will be charged at Rs 500.00. It is not allowed to leave the camp during night time.
Please note that the Agency does not accept responsibility for any adverse weather you might encounter during your safari.